Abundant Wife Mini-Series (season 1) ONE Extraordinary Marriage


In season 1 of this mini-series, you will get access to these audio interviews from the Abundant Wife series - in combo, over 216 years of marriage wisdom - all available to you on demand, and neatly packed into 10 hours of audio!

You’ll get to hear these Abundant Wives speak into the following topics (and here’s a snippet of the wisdom you’ll glean from their interview):

ALISA DILORENZO: Learning to speak the language of your husband - “I want to be an abundant wife. I want that title. Are you willing to be intentional enough to go get that title?”

ASHLYN WATKINS: Stepping into the calling of being a wife - “When you're in the journey of becoming who God has called you to be, there's going to be a long journey in between. And that journey is not intended to make you give up, but it's intended to strengthen you. What the devil tries to do as you're becoming who God wants you to be, is he tries to throw everything he can at you to make you fight with whoever's around you [including your husband], to make you doubt yourself, to make you doubt your calling, to make you doubt your ability in getting it all together…because he does not want you to accomplish this amazing thing that you have going.

BECKY HEINRICHS: Trusting my husband to lead, even after he falls - “it's not easy [to not nag], but all things are possible. God would not ask you to do that if it was impossible. He would not ask you to try to win your spouse over without words, just with your behaviors if it wasn't possible. So it is possible. We just need God's help in doing it. And so I would encourage you to just keep loving, keep serving, and don't keep score.

CHELSIE MICEK: Overcoming Cancer together - “There's a lot of fear surrounding hard conversations, but there's so much freedom once they're had.

CLAUDIA RUTKOWSKI: Sticking it out during times of heightened emotions when you’re opposites - “Always watch your words. You can never take back the things you say during storms, during the hard times in your life...Even saying "sorry" doesn't take away the pain. You can say "sorry" [and] the other person can forgive, but it doesn't always take away the pain and that can take a long time to get better.

DONA MORIARTY: Riding out the storms together - “What's happening on the good days and the ways that you're depositing into the relationship takes some of the awfulness out of the bad days. You just want to be making deposits, so even when you make a big withdrawal emotionally, there’s still positive inventory in the account.

GINA KALALUHI: From 7th grade crush to stronger than ever, after nearly reaching “the end” 21 years in - “I already had the argument in my head before we actually had the arguments. Like I already had in my head, well this is what he's going to say. This is how he's going to feel. This is how he's gonna react. But when we went to marriage counseling, one of the things we realized was the stories that we were telling ourselves were no longer true.

JESS WAGNER: Walking through trauma together - “In marriage, the point is not to just float by and be married. It's to actually get really messy in the relationship. To be able to get to a place where we're so united. To be able to make an impact, not just on each other, but on the people around us.

LAURA KOGLE: Bringing girlfriends into your marital stuff for good advice, not husband bashingI like to pray about it, just to find the right words or just to have God in my heart or [have Him] calm me down or something before we talk to one another.

LEANNE MATTHESIUS: Married at 17, moving to 3 countries, and one mega-church plant later… - “The minute I laid down my agenda, my expectations, and my desire for what I wanted, and started to properly serve my husband in a healthy way, everything shifted. The war ended. It was just amazing.

LYNNE BRENNAN: 43 years strong, even after loss, difference of opinion, and the uncertainty of starting a business together with kids in school - “When you're married 25-30 years, you think, okay, we should have a rhythm going. We've got each other figured out. That is not true. You don't even have yourself figured out for your whole life. So never be discouraged by that. Be encouraged that you're still learning and growing.

MARISSA MCCRORY: Massive career pivots and building life with a driven man - “[Marriage is] a constant growing and changing journey and it's beautiful and frustrating and awesome and horrible all at the same time. That's doing life forever with another human...your hard season in your marriage will pass and you guys will be better for it on the other side.

Overcoming everything from better to worse, richer to poorer, sickness to health, these interviews with Abundant Wives are designed to equip you to step fully into a thriving, healthy marriage, no matter where it is right now.

You'll get to learn from the beautiful Alisa, as she shares about what her and Tony went through, how they overcame the tough times, and how they've built a thriving marriage over the decades (even with the rough start they had)!

These interviews are set up so you can listen on the go, doing meal prep, while you're getting ready for your day, or anytime you need a boost of confidence that restoration IS possible in your marriage.

These wives have been through it, thick and thin, and they're enjoying marriages now that are stronger than ever! Learn from what they share - these interviews are transparent and no holds barred, so you're going to walk away encouraged that you're not alone, and leave with fresh ideas to implement to take your marriage to the next level!

If you have thought about, been considering, and/or been threatened with divorce, please listen to these first!! It is my heart to pour into marriages, and to see restoration into health, and while I can't guarantee that listening to these will save your marriage, I will stand by the fact that they are full of wisdom and real life examples of walking through hard things and coming out stronger on the other side. I will refund 100% of your purchase if you do not find encouragement after listening through this complete mini-series!

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Get instant access to one-on-one interviews with some of our Abundant Wives, including the one and only Alisa DiLorenzo, and learn how they've created healthy, thriving marriages, even through all the ups and downs!

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Abundant Wife Mini-Series (season 1) ONE Extraordinary Marriage

I want this!