Abundant Wife Mini-Series (season 2 original)

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In season 2 of this mini-series, you will get access to audio interviews from my Abundant Wife series - in combo, over 186 years of marriage wisdom - all available to you on demand, and neatly packed into 9.5 hours of audio!

You’ll get to hear these Abundant Wives speak into the following topics, and here’s a snippet of the wisdom you’ll glean from our conversation:

ALI ANDERBERG: The ebbs and flows of blessings and feeling out of sync - “We have to remember to continue to breathe life into that relationship and know that when those things happen, it doesn't have to be forever. It doesn't have to be the end because your spouse will go through seasons where maybe they're dejected or they're going through something where it may not be as pleasant and it may not be easy, but we don't have to throw in the towel or panic. We can still breathe life into them and speak truth over them and they will pull through it.”

ALYCIA ZIMNOCH: Smart Systems to Support Healthy Marriage + Communication - “It's the owner's responsibility to share the manual. I am the only one who knows what works for me, therefore it's my responsibility to share what works for me.”

AMBER CASTILLO-WILSON: Focus on forgiveness after an affair, and being both the spiritual leader AND cheerleader in the home - “What the Lord has shown me is, through God's grace, and just giving me compassion for my husband and patience for him and for myself as well, [He’s] showing me "look at this, look at where, what I've brought you through."”

ARLENE PELLICANE: Partnering well with a man who (gasp!) does things differently than you - “View your marriage as something that's growing, not just something that kind of exists on the side. How can you help it to grow and have that kind of purpose as a wife? You don't need so much control, just be involved together.”

ISA ROONEY: Grieving and growing through the loss of a child, postpartum - “If you want a vibrant marriage, a man who has God and freedom at the center is the way to go. And there is not perfection in that. You may have cussing fights and you may have moments where it's really scary feeling and not perfect, but it's worth it because that's not the thread and the truth to the beauty of what's being built. It's messy when something beautiful is built and there's lots of debris that has to be cleaned up. But that's life, too. And I don't think that'll end until this life is over. So committing to that and being a part of something bigger than yourself is what marriage is all about.”

JEENA THEVATHASAN: Building with the intentionality of connection and time together - “Feedback is a gift, even though it's hard to receive sometimes. We ask each other questions about each other and it's very safe, and we know going into this conversation we're going to receive feedback about each other, so you don't have your defenses up cause you already know, okay, he's going to tell me how I'm doing as a wife [and vice versa].”

KRISTIN RUNYAN: How to have BIG conversations when kids are involved, without burdening them - “No matter how frustrated we get, we're going to talk about it when we're just one on one and we're not gonna share any of that in front of the kids because it is remarkable how sensitive they are to their parents' relationship.”

RAECHELLE RODRIGUEZ: What can I do if I want my husband to change? - “Here's the reality - there might be something big and legitimate that needs to change in your husband. Like maybe something painful - even like an area of addiction or an area of unfaithfulness - something that's huge and that could rip apart the marriage. But can you change that? Can you really? The only thing that you can do is you can change yourself. There are so many great books out there, and hopefully you're picking ones that are specifically encouraging you to pray for yourself first. Because if it's just about praying for all the nitpicky things to change in him, that's not the right approach.”

REBECCA KESELBURG: Why doesn’t my husband see that I’m struggling here? - “I needed to learn how to ask for help and I needed to communicate to my husband what my needs were, too, because I couldn't just assume that he sees me struggling...You have to tell men what you need, from my experience.”

ROXANNE BJORBACK: Second marriage after being (traumatically) widowed - “I'm 54 now and still to this day, you know, marriage isn't perfect. Chris and I have had our struggles but I consider myself to be happily married, wanting to take it to the next level. That's one thing that God has dealt with me on is before we go to bed, it doesn't have to be perfect, but we need to be able to say, I love you. I may not like you right now, but I love you, because you don't know what's going to happen the next morning.”

STARR BURROUGHS: Romance after kids - “Even if you are the romantic feeler, you still have to choose. You still have to choose to be intimate with your husband. You have to choose to give to each other, even if that means you're giving from your fumes [empty tank].”

TERRIE BEARDEN: Giving marriage (and God) another chance after surviving near-death abuse in marriage #1 - “You are responsible for what you are responsible for. Your husband has to stand before a Holy God and give an account. If he's not doing what he's supposed to do yo make sure that you're doing what you're supposed to do, and I'm going to guarantee you God is not going to let you down.”

Overcoming everything from better to worse, richer to poorer, sickness to health, these interviews with Abundant Wives are designed to equip you to step fully into a thriving, healthy marriage, no matter where it is right now.

They’re set up so you can listen on the go, doing meal prep, while you're getting ready for your day, or anytime you need a boost of confidence that restoration IS possible in your marriage.

These wives have been through it, thick and thin, and they're enjoying marriages now that are stronger than ever! Learn from what they share - these interviews are transparent and no holds barred, so you're going to walk away encouraged that you're not alone, and leave with fresh ideas to implement to take your marriage to the next level!

If you have thought about, been considering, and/or been threatened with divorce, please listen to these first!! It is my heart to pour into marriages, and to see restoration into health, and while I can't guarantee that listening to these will save your marriage, I will stand by the fact that they are full of wisdom and real life examples of walking through hard things and coming out stronger on the other side. I will refund 100% of your purchase if you do not find encouragement after listening through this complete mini-series!

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Get instant access to one-on-one interviews with some of our Abundant Wives, and learn how they've created healthy, thriving marriages, even through all the ups and downs!

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Abundant Wife Mini-Series (season 2 original)

0 ratings